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Kai Greene gets invitation to 2017 Mr. Olympia

Breaking News!!!

Kai Greene gets Special Invite to 2017 Mr. Olympia

Will Kai Greene Compete at 2017 Mr. Olympia?

Kai Greene gets Special Invite to 2017 Mr. Olympia

Breaking News: Kai Greene gets special invite from Jim Manion to Mr. Olympia 2017. This news was released this weekend and it shocked the bodybuilding world. Typically to qualify for the Mr. Olympia you have to either win a bodybuilding show or qualify on points during the calendar year. Due to the fact that Kai hasn’t competed since the 2016 Arnold Classic, it was looking as if Kai was going to sit out the 2017 season.

Will Kai Green Compete at the 2017 Mr. Olympia?

With just 12 weeks to go until the Mr. Olympia, I give it about a 10% chance that Kai competes. It normally takes 16 weeks of dieting and training to get ready for the Olympia and although Kai stays in great shape year round, I don’t see him jumping into the fray this year. It is disappointing because I think the Olympia needs Kai.

If Kai competes, can he win?

If Kai competes, he is destined to be in the top 2, and if Phil is at 90%, Kai can dethrone the champ.


Stay tuned for more breaking news.


Dustin Holston

2016 Mr. Olympia Results and Reactions



  1. Phil Heath
  2. Shawn Rhoden
  3. Dexter Jackson
  4. “Big Ramy” Mamdouh Elssbiay
  5. William Bonac
  6. Roelly Winklaar
  7. Cedric McMillan
  8. Dallas McCarver
  9. Josh Lenartowicz
  10. Justin Compton
  11. Victor Martinez
  12. Nathan DeAsha
  13. Steve Kuclo
  14. Ben Pakulski
  15. Akim Williams
  16. Kevin Levrone, Michael Lockett, Brandon Curry, Lukas Osladil



Top 5:

1 .Phil Heath: Phil was Phil. Best back on stage, great muscle bellies. Still not the Phil we saw earlier this decade. Waist keeps getting wider. Back is lights out. Friday night I had Dexter winning, although Saturday I think they made the right decision.


2. Shawn Rhoden: Shawn looked great. I would have had him third behind Dexter but not extremely upset with the decision.


3. Dexter Jackson: Dexter is the man. 47 years old. Looked amazing. Hard to imagine that this is the “third” best bodybuilder in the world.


4. “Big Ramy”: What a difference 24 hours makes. Big Ramy was “small” by his standards on Friday. I’m assuming Chris Aceto tried keeping him small to show conditioning. Didn’t work. Came back Saturday and pushed to move up to the top 3. Insane size.


5. William Bonac: The new Giant Killer. William Bonac has more muscle per square inch as anyone. Small waist, huge legs, great muscle bellies. If he was 5’9 he’d be your champion.


The rest:

Roelly Winklaar (6th) showed us a physique straight out of Dr. Frankenstein. Look I know that many of you all will think he should win. He doesn’t get lean enough, he isn’t aesthetic, but damn is he huge. Markus Ruhl 2.0.

Cedric (7th) showed us that he just doesn’t nail it. Maybe he can’t, maybe his body won’t let him get leaner. He has an ideal physique to some.

McCarver (8th) is 25 years old. Yes only 25 years old and stood close to 285-290 pounds. If he would have been able to lean out another 5-10 pounds, he may have been top 5.

Josh Lenartowicz (9th) had a hell of a debut. He was shredded. Still needs to add some mass to his chest, but looked amazing.

Justin Compton (10th) has the muscle, just needs to dial his conditioning. He is young, he will continue to get better.

Victor Martinez (11th) would have been top 8 in any other Mr. Olympia the last 10 years. Unfortunately this year was stacked.


Everyone else:

Nathan DeAsha (12th) could have been anywhere between 8-12. He looked insane. See if he does damage at the Arnold next year.

Steve Kuclo (13th) needs to go back to the drawing board. Looked okay. Not his best.

Ben Pakulski (14th) nailed his conditioning but everyone knows that his legs are world class, and everything else isn’t.

Akim Williams, Michael Lockett, Lukas Osladil, and Brandon Curry weren’t ready.

Hall of Famer Kevin Levrone:

I cannot talk bad about a champion like Kevin. Kevin is 52 years old, and had only been training for a few months when he jumped into the Mr. Olympia on a special invite. I hope I look half that good at 52!



Phil wins #6. This ties him with the great Dorian Yates. He is now one behind Arnold Schwarzenegger and two behind Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney. I do think that talent is slowly catching up to Phil, but the judges like what Phil brings each year.

Kai Greene was on Jimmy Fallon and not at the Mr. Olympia. Hard to believe that is true. He may have missed two opportunities the past two years to beat Phil.

Can Shawn win next year? Will Dexter continue to compete? Can Big Ramy, Bonac, Compton, Cedric, and McCarver make the gains necessary to win? Will Phil continue his dominance? We will know in 12 short months.



Thank you,


Dustin Holston

1st Phorm Brand Ambassador

Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist


Who is Competing at the Mr. Olympia?


Who is competing in the 2016 Mr. Olympia?


Note: Dennis Wolf (Injury), Kai Greene (Personal), and Branch Warren (Personal) are not competing at the Mr. Olympia.

Who will win? Phil Heath will win #5 unless he is way off. Then it is up to Kevin Levrone, Dexter Jackson, or possibly Big Ramy!

Who is competing in the 212 Mr. Olympia?


Who will win? Flex “James” Lewis will win. Outside chance for David Henry, Hidetada Yamagishi and Jose Raymond.

Who is competing in Women’s Physique?


Who will win? Juliana Malacarne should win. Look out for Rosanna Harte.

Who is competing in Men’s Classic Physique?


Who will win? It will come down to Darrem Charles, Danny Hester, and Sadik Hadzovic. Watch out for Robert Timms.

Who is competing in Men’s Physique?


Who will win? With 40 competitors it is going to be tough. Jeremy Buendia looks great, but has grown so much that he doesn’t look like a physique competitor. Poston and others could threat.

Who is competing in Figure?


Who will win? Latorya Watts is my pick. Nicole Wilkins will do well.

Who is competing in Fitness?


Who will win? Oksana Grishina all day…

Who is competing in Bikini?


Who will win Bikini? So many competitors. Ashley Kaltwasser is favorite. Lacey Deluca and Janet Layug could upset.

2016 Mr. Olympia Preview w/ Predictions


The Mr. Olympia sponsored by Amazon is fast approaching. With one more event prior to the Mr. Olympia (the Arnold Asia), we have almost finalized who has/hasn’t qualified.

Here is my list of qualifiers and estimate of who has qualified based on points:

Qualifiers: Justin Compton, Victor Martinez, Ben Pakulski, Dallas McCarver, William Bonac, Nathan DeAsha, Mamdouh (Big Ramy) Elssbiay, Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Steve Kuclo, Josh Lenartowicz, Kevin Levrone, Cedric McMillan, Lukas Osladil, Shawn Rhoden, Roelly Winklaar, Dennis Wolf, Akim Williams.

Point Standings: Ronny Rockel-16,  Michael Lockett-12, Maxx Charles-11, Lionel Beyeke- 8,  Branch Warren-8,  Brandon Curry-7, Alexis Rivera-6,

Note: If you don’t accept invitation it can be offered to the qualifier on points. Ronny Rockel may compete in the 212. Branch Warren is not competing this year.


Kevin Levrone is back: Kevin received a special invitation to the Mr. Olympia and from pictures we have seen, he has taken advantage of it!


No Kai Greene: Kai Greene is not going to compete at the 2016 Mr. Olympia for the second consecutive year. I think this is a mistake, but Kai does his own thing.

No Branch Warren, No Dennis Wolf: Branch is taking the year off to focus on business. Dennis Wolf is recovering from surgery.

Other Stories: Can Cedric nail conditioning? Can Justin Compton and Dallas McCarver steal a top 6 position? Can Dexter “the ageless one” Jackson overthrow Phil? Can Big Ramy come in shredded? Can Rhoden bring back the conditioning of 2014?

My Top 10:

10. Roelly Winklaar

9. Victor Martinez

8. William Bonac

7. Cedric McMillian

6. Dallas McCarver

5. Justin Compton

4. Shawn Rhoden

3. Big Ramy

2. Dexter Jackson

1. Phil Heath

Dark Horses:

Josh Lenartowicz has the size and conditioning to be in the top 6-8.

Kevin Levrone is the ultimate dark horse. I just don’t know if he will have the size to compete with this stacked lineup.

Steve Kuclo looked amazing earlier in the year. He has a chance to surprise people.

Ben Pakulski is the Tom Platz of this generation. He came in diced a few months ago and he could steal a top 10.

Nathan DeAsha has the genetics to steal a top 6 in this show. He will need to come in better than ever.

Thank you for reading,


Dustin Holston


Kevin Levrone Update (7-15-2016)

The biggest bodybuilding news of 2016 has been about Kevin Levrone. Kevin Levrone is getting ready to compete in his first Olympia since 2003 after receiving special invitation. As you may have read in a report I did on the subject earlier, I didn’t expect the 51 year old to be very competitive. We have viewed some social media pictures and clips of Kevin but couldn’t really tell what shape he was in. Yesterday a bombshell was dropped on RXMuscle.


Kevin is very famous for his ability to “grow into shows”. Most bodybuilders bulk up and lose weight going into a show, but Kevin does it backwards, and it seems to be working for him! I had heard a report a few weeks ago that he was around 250 pounds. At 5’9 that is a big bodybuilder. The biggest question on the message boards is “Does he have legs?” Many bodybuilders who compete in their upper 40’s and 50’s tend to see atrophy attack their legs first. Will this be the case for Kevin? The good news is that Kevin’s body is fresh (due to not competing in more than a decade). There is a chance that Kevin will still have good wheels.


1998 Mr. Olympia

So how well do you think Kevin will do? Top 10? Top 5? Winner? Let me know below!


Thank you,



Kai Greene Will Not Be Competing At 2016 Mr. Olympia


No Olympia, No Kai

It has been confirmed by Muscular Development Magazine that Kai Greene will not be competing at the 2016 Mr. Olympia. In an interview with Bob Cicherillo on MD’s The Last Rep podcast, Kai Greene confirmed that he is not going to compete at the 2016 Mr. Olympia.

My humble opinion: His decision is mind boggling. Kai is guaranteed top three at the Mr. Olympia. That is a minimum of $100,000 (3rd Place) plus matching sponsor bonuses.

Rumors have it that Branch Warren (business) and Dennis Wolf (injury) will join Kai not competing in the 2016 Mr. Olympia.

There are three guaranteed top 10 placings that will be open. Who will fill the void? Can Big Ramy move up with the absences of Wolf and Kai? Can Justin Compton or Dallas McCarver steal a top 10 placing?




2016 Mr. Olympia Qualifiers (Qualification Series)


2016 Mr. Olympia Qualifiers and Point Standings:

Qualifiers: Justin Compton, Victor Martinez, Ben Pakulski, Dallas McCarver, William Bonac, Nathan DeAsha, Mamdouh (Big Ramy) Elssbiay, Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Steve Kuclo, Josh Lenartowicz, Kevin Levrone, Cedric McMillan, Lukas Osladil, Shawn Rhoden, Roelly Winklaar, Dennis Wolf, Akim Williams.

Note: Kai Greene, Branch Warren, and Dennis Wolf is not expected to compete at the 2016 Mr. Olympia

Top 5 in the points standings will automatically qualify for the Mr. Olympia:

Point Standings: Ronny Rockel-16,  Michael Lockett-12, Maxx Charles-11, Lionel Beyeke- 8,  Branch Warren-8,  Brandon Curry-7, Alexis Rivera-6, Rafael Jaramillo-5, Juan Morel-5,  Fred Smalls- 5, Johnnie Jackson-4, Vitaly Fateev-4, Kenneth Jackson- 4, Jose Raymond-4,  Fouad Abiad- 3, Michael Kafalianos-3, Essa Obiad-3, Robert Piotrkowicz-3, Abdulhadi Al-Khayat – 3, Kevin Jordan- 3,

2016 Results Through the First Half of the IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Year:

2016 Levrone Pro Classic

Champion: Cedric McMillan
2nd: Josh Lenartowicz
3rd: Branch Warren

2016 Arnold Classic:

Champion: Kai Greene
2nd: Cedric Mcmillan
3rd: Josh Lenartowicz

2016 Arnold Australia:

Champion: Kai Greene
2nd: Cedric McMillan
3rd: Justin Compton

2016 Arnold Brazil:

Champion: Kai Greene
2nd: Juan Morel
3rd: Lionel Beyeke

2016 Bodypower:

Champion: Roelly Winklaar
2nd: Nathan DeAsha
3rd: Michael Kafalianos

2016 New York Pro:

Champion: Dexter Jackson
2nd: Roelly Winklaar
3rd: Victor Martinez

2016 Arnold South Africa:

Champion: Dexter Jackson
2nd: Roelly Winklaar
3rd: Lionel Beyeke

2016 California Pro:

Champion: Steve Kuclo
2nd: Nathan DeAsha
3rd:  Essa Obaid

2016 Toronto Pro:

Champion: Nathan DeAsha
2nd:  Maxx Charles
3rd: Fouad Abiad

2016 Chicago Pro Show:

Champion: Dallas McCarver
2nd: Michael Lockett
3rd: Brandon Curry

 2016 Vancouver Pro Show:

Champion: Ben Pakulski
2nd: Brandon Curry
3rd: Fred Smalls

2016 Baltimore Pro

Champion: Victor Martinez
2nd: Akim Williams
3rd:  Michael Lockett

2016 Tampa Pro

Champion: Akim Williams
2nd: Alexis Rivera
3rd: Abdulhadi Al-Khayat

2016 Golden State Pro

Champion: Justin Compton
2nd: Michael Lockett
3rd: Kevin Jordan