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Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Results (2017)


The Arnold Sports Festival has finished and we have a NEW Arnold Classic Champion.

Men’s Bodybuilding Open Results:

6. Fouad Abaid: Fouad looked really good. He tore his quad in prep and it hurt his symmetry. Great showing.

5. Juan Morel: Top half great, bottom half disappeared a bit.

4. Lionel Beyeke: Needed about 3-4 more weeks of dieting to come in hard as nails and could have won this whole thing. He is always just a hair off. Great structure.

3. Maxx Charles: He was my dark horse if you read my Arnold Predictions. He looked amazing. Great job Maxx!

2. Dallas McCarver: Dallas started working with Chad Nichols during prep, the same Chad Nicholas that pushed Ronnie Coleman to 7 Olympia titles. Dallas looked good but at 26 years old, he needs more time to get that muscle maturity that wins major championships.

1. Cedric McMillan: Cedric deserved the night. Cedric looked amazing. Tight waist, great conditioning, and bigger than ever. I couldn’t be happier for Cedric!

If you haven’t watched his speech after his win, you need to. He is inspiring.




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Other winners:

Ahmad Ashkanani won the 212 Championship although I would have gave the edge to David Henry, who’s back was an anatomy chart for muscles, tendons, and other freaky things. Ahmad is the future of the 212. I don’t know how he makes weight.


Oksana Grishina competes in her final Arnold Classic Fitness and mesmerizes the crowd with win.

Angelica Teixeira wins Bikini International!

Ryan Terry – 2017 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique Champion

Candice Lewis – 2017 Figure International Champion

Daniely Castilho – 2017 Arnold Classic Women’s Physique Champion

Brian Shaw conquers The Mountain for the Arnold Strongman Title!


Thank you for reading!


Dustin Holston

Sports Nutritionist/Personal Trainer




Arnold Classic Brazil Results

If you read my latest post, here is what I predicted for my top 10:

My Predictions

10. Jose Luis Rodriguez Oyola
9. Marius Dohne
8. Toney Freeman
7. Brandon Curry
6. Fred Smalls
5. Lionel Beyeke
4. Victor Martinez
3. Juan Morel
2. Cedric McMillian
1. Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay


The Official Top 10 (My Comments in Parenthesis)

10. Marius Dohne (Last year looked solid in contests, this year looks rough)
9. Jose Luis Rodriguez Oyola (Needs a lot more size, and conditioning)
8. Lionel Beyeke (Mr. Disappointment, He could have/should have won last year, looked soft)
7. Fred Smalls (Fred looked really good, but the top 6 was too talented)
5/6. Toney Freeman (Some mass confusion in the 5th and 6th places. Judges award to Curry, but Toney had a better score. Math error. Not sure who finished higher, Toney looked amazing for 48 years old)
5/6. Brandon Curry (Brandon looked good. He could have easily been 5,6,7… needs to be more crisp)
4. Victor Martinez (Victor looked great, lineup was too tough)
3. Juan Morel (Juan looked amazing and push Cedric. Has size and shape)
2. Cedric McMillian  (Cedric looked his best ever. Due to his long arms and legs, he does need more size, although others would argue with me)
1. Mamdough “Big Ramy” Elssbiay (Estimated 315 pounds!!! Big Ramy looked his best… ever. 35+ inch quads, better conditioning, back is improving. George Farah needs to dial him in tighter though if he is going to make top 5 at the Olympia!)


Overall: I think that the Arnold Classic Brazil was probably the best conditioning in the top 7 of any contest this year.  Juan Morel proved that he deserved his NYC win, Cedric showed he can get in shape, and Big Ramy showed he is still the freak of the IFBB.

Bonus Snippet: I think Ramy will finish in the top 4 this year of the Olympia.

Lift Heavy My Friends,
Dustin Holston
1st Phorm
Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist