Team Nutrition Train Approved Workouts

Here is the approved list of workouts created and approved by Team Nutrition Train’s Dustin and Christina.

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Full Body Workouts: 
Do it at Home Workout:


Workout for Women to Add Muscle: 
3 Day Workout Split:
5 Day Workout Split:


Domination Workout Plan:

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Full-body Workouts

Full-Body Workouts

I as a trainer do not prefer full-body workouts. I think that they don’t progress my clients as fast in the strength department and become too routine. Clients who see strength changes week to week see better results in my opinion, however if you want to do a full-body workout, here is my suggestion.


Team Nutrition Train’s Full-Body Workout (3-5 Times a week)

First 4 weeks

• 30 seconds of mountain climbers x 3

• 30 seconds of wall sits x 3

• 15 body weight squats x 3

• 10 push-ups (girl push-ups if needed) x 3

• 10 bench dips x 3

• 10 biceps curls x 3

• 10 shoulder press x 3

• 10 dumbbell rows x 3

• 10 bench press x 3

  •  30 second sprints after 2 minutes of jogging repeated throughout 20 minutes of jogging

Second  4 Weeks

• 30 seconds of mountain climbers x 3

• 30 seconds of wall sits x 3

• 3 sets of walking lunges

• 10 push-ups (girl push-ups if needed) x 3

• 10 bench dips x 3

• 10 biceps curls x 3

• 10 shoulder press x 3

• 10 dumbbell rows x 3

• 10 bench press x 3

  •  30 second sprints after 2 minutes of jogging repeated throughout 20 minutes of jogging


Post Workout:

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Good luck everyone!


Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

Butt and Leg Workout for Women

Get the butt and legs you want, in just 15 minutes!



How to achieve the perfect butt!

I’m sure almost everyone has watched Miley Cyrus twerk, or Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video. Maybe you have seen the video for “Motherload” from Mastodon (a personal favorite)? Asses are in more than ever, but what makes up this wonderful muscle, and how do we perfect it?

What is in your butt?

Your butt is made up of three major muscles:

1. The Gluteus Maximus: One of the larges and strongest muscles in your body.

2. The Gluteus Minimus: A smaller muscle that sits on and near the hip.

3. The Glutueus Medius: Medium muscle found lying near the pelvis.

How do you get a nice gluteus?

What people need to understand, like other parts of your body, your glutes are muscles. They respond to weight training similar to all other muscle groups. This muscle group also likes to hold fat deposits over the muscle. If you have a flat booty, you can still make it more round by concentrating on weight training. If you have a booty that is too big, concentrate on training, cardio, and diet to help slim it down. Genetics are only part of the equation.

The Best Booty WORKout… ever

A lot of the females I trained were asking about a good butt/leg exercise to do once a week.

BOOTY WORKout Exercise Routine:

5 sets of Sumo Squats (10 reps) supersetted with 5 sets of 30 second wall sits.


Tip: Keep your back straight and lower the kettle-bell until it is floor level. Use appropriate weight, and don’t be afraid to go a little heavy on the squats.

Race Track Lunges: Race Track Lunges are an exercise I invented a few years back for my wife. Take two weights of equal size and perform a standard lunge. But instead of walking straight ahead, you make a slight angle as if you are running around a race track. Perform 5 slow sets. Once you complete the first set, complete the second set in the opposite direction.  Try to increase the weight each week.

download (10)the-worst-exercise-ever-reskin-2


Diet is increasingly important if you are looking for a firm and lifted booty. Squat variations and lunges will help build muscle, but to get rid of the fat that covers the muscles you will have to work on your diet and cardio.

A combination of Bliss Go Pack (fat burner) with Level-1 Protein (meal replacement, replace unhealthy meals with a tasty shake)Level-1 Protein (meal replacement, replace unhealthy meals with a tasty shake) will help you burn fat and tone!





Thank you for reading my article!


Intermediate 5 Day Workout Split

15-20 minutes of cardio daily.

Preferably 30 seconds of sprints followed by 4.5 minutes of jog/walk (repeat).

Day 1- Arms


4 sets of alternating Hammer Curls (8-12)

3 sets of preachers (machines or regular), squeeze for 3 seconds every 3rd rep (8-12)

3 sets of inclined bicep curls (slow, squeeze at top) (8-12)


4 sets of triceps rope extensions (8-12 reps)

3 sets of dips (8-12)

3 sets of  overhead extensions (8-12)

Day 2- Legs

5 sets of leg extensions (8-12)

5 sets of leg curls (8-12)

3 sets of squats (skip if needed) (8-12)

3 sets of leg press (8-12)

5 sets of calves (8-12)

Day 3- Back + Shoulders

4 sets of pull downs (8-12)

3 sets of close grip pull downs (8-12)

3 sets of lawn mowers or bent over barbell rows (8-12)

3 sets of seated cable rows or 3 sets of t bar row (8-12)

3 sets of shoulder press (8-12)

3 sets of lateral raises (8-12)

3 sets of frontal raises or 3 sets of steering wheels (8-12)

3 sets of rear delts (8-12)

Day 4 Bench

5 sets of flat bench: 15, 12, 10, 8, 6 (increasing weight each set)

3 sets of inclined bench (8-12)

3 sets of flies variety

Day 5- Pump Day*

5 sets of shrugs (20 reps)

5 sets of close grip bench (20 reps)

5 sets of pull downs (20 reps)

5 sets of leg extensions (20 reps)

The PokemonGO™ Workout


Nothing since the evolution of the walking upright has made kids and adults walk all over cities, rivers, and mountains while having total disregard of basic trespassing ordinances. Adults and kids alike have logged millions of miles in just a few short days to try to “Catch’em All.”


As a Personal Trainer and 1st Phorm Legion Of Boom Member, I decided that it was my duty to utilize this phenomenon and make it better. How can we make PokemonGo™ better? By adding inches to our arms, reducing inches of our waist, and getting more ripped than Machamp™.

This is a seven day workout plan because you and I both know you will be playing PokemonGo™ everyday. Finish your workout with the Post Workout Stack to add muscle and lose fat! 

Day 1: Machamp™ Upper body

Try walking 3km looking for the biggest and best Pokemon™. Every .5km I want you to do 50 push-ups and 50 bench dips. This would be a total of 300 push-ups and 300 dips to complete. You can take breaks and don’t have to do all 50 at once!


Bench Dips

Day 2: Don’t Look Like a Clefairy™ Abs and Legs

Try walking 5km looking for the biggest and best Pokemon™. Every .5 KM do 20 body weight squats, 20 sit ups, and 20 calf raises. This would be a total of 200 squats, 200 sit ups, and 200 cal raises over 5km.


Day 3: Fly Like Zapdos™

Try jogging 3km. Every .5KM do 30 seconds of mountain climbers.

Day 4:  Machamp’s™ Day Two Upper Body

Try walking 5km. Every .5 km, do 20 hands close together push-ups, 20 very wide push-ups, and 20 normal push-ups. All push-ups can be done on a wall, on your knees, or traditional.


Day 5: Pikachu’s™ Shocking Leg Workout

Try walking 3km. Every .5 km do 30 seconds of wall sits and 20 body weight squats.

Day 6: Missingno™ Workout

Missingno™ was a glitch in the original game. You wish he wasn’t in this workout! Walk 5km, every .5km do 20 body weight squats, 20 push-ups, and 20 bench dips.

Day 7: Mewtwo’s™ Mesmerizing Workout

Try walking 10km. That’s it!


Follow this workout and you should be the sexiest ASH or ASHette on the street!


Dustin Holston

Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

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Male and Female Body Types- What are you?

BannerBlissMale and Female Body Types

There are three main body types for males and females. These are: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Knowing which body type you have can help you design a diet and training program to help you optimize results.

Note: Use the following calculator to calculate your BMR. 


Ectomorph: Skinny, lanky, and lean muscle.

Ectomorphs are characterized as skinny, lean, and lanky body types. They typically have narrow shoulders and narrow waists. They have a hard time putting muscle on, but typically have naturally lower body fat percentages.

To Gain Muscle: Ectomorphs should eat several meals a day (6+) with high protein and high carbohydrates. Cardio isn’t as important for this body type. Heavy weights should be used to help build muscle. Eat 500+ calories more than your BMR.

To Lose Fat: Ectomorphs should eat several meals a day (6+) with high protein, but low carbohydrates. You want to eat several meals to help preserve muscle and burn fat. High Intensity Interval Training for cardio should be used to help shred the fat and retain as much muscle as possible. Heavy/moderate weights should be used to build muscle. Try to eat around your BMR.

Ectomorph Examples: Skinny Girls and Me!

Body-Types-Women                               BxNXyBZCAAELWui

Mesomorphs: Wide shoulders, big chest, and muscular.

Mesomorphs are just born with muscle. Typically have body styles that include wider shoulders, bigger chest, and gain muscle very easy. Mesomorphs also gain fat easier than ectomorphs. This style typically does well in physical sports and bodybuilding.

To Gain Muscle: Eat several high protein, low-moderate carbohydrate meals a day (+6).  Moderate/Heavy weights should be used to build muscle. Eat 300-500 calories more than your BMR.

To Lose Fat: Eat several high protein, low carbohydrate meals a day (4-6). High Intensity Interval Training and extended cardio several times a week.  Moderate/Heavy weights should be used to build/maintain muscle. Try to eat 300-500 calories less than your BMR.

Mesomorph Examples: Christina Holston and Phil Heath

1910272_10206574804423629_4320873948108333341_n                                8895-phil-heath-261_final

Endomorphs: Wide hips, wide shoulders, and gains fat very easy.

Endomorphs are “big boned people”. Typically hold much more fat than the other two body styles. Endomorphs have problems losing fat but can gain muscle pretty easily. Endomorphs do very well in powerlifting and strength activities.

To Gain Muscle: Eat high protein, low carbohydrate meals several times a day (6+). Heavy/moderate weights with little as possible rest between sets to keep heart rate up. Finish workouts with 15-30 minutes of cardio 3-5 times a week to prevent fat gain. Stay around your BMR and slowly increase it week to week until you see optimal gains.

To Lose Fat: Eat high protein, very low carbohydrate meals several times a day (6+). Keep healthy fats moderate, and eliminate as much non-healthy fats. 30+ minutes of cardio 5 times a week. Lift moderate weights with as little rest between sets as possible. Try to eat 500+ calories less than your BMR.

Endomorph Examples: Eddie Hall and girl below

maxresdefault three-body-types-endomorph

Other Body Types:

These are the three most common body types. There are people who fit multiple body types. We call them Ecto-Mesomorphs and Meso-Endmorphs.

Ecto-Mesomorphs: Very lean, lots of muscle.

Ecto-Mesomorphs have the best body style in my opinion. They typically are lean year round but hold a ton of muscle. They typically have average shoulder width with a ton of muscle. Typically keeps fat levels low year round.

Ecto-Mesomorph Examples: Dana Linn Bailey and Sadik Hadzovic

images        sadik-jeans2

Meso-Endomorphs: Huge, lots of muscle, and wide.

Meso-Endomorphs are born big and muscular. Typically have wider waist and shoulders, retain some fat, but have lots of muscle.

Meso-Endomorphs Examples: Markus Ruhl and Valerie Adams

16h9g0i   valerie_2309571b

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

Hit me up below or email:

Stay healthy my friends,
Dustin Holston
Personal Trainer/Sports Nutritionist

2015 Fall Workout Schedule

2015 Fall Workout Schedule

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you a sample workout schedule for a 5 day split (or 4 day split) to add quality muscle and strength! Try it out for a couple months. If you have any questions let me know! This workout can be used by men or women. If you do not know how to do an exercise, please contact me ( so I can assist! If you are trying to lose weight, I’d add 4 days of cardio per week! If you are trying to gain weight, I’d keep the cardio to 1-2 days per week.

Workout #1: Legs

Workout #2: Chest

Workout #3: Arms

Workout #4: Back

Workout #5: Shoulders/Abs


You can do cardio as often as you want but I don’t suggest doing cardio on Leg day.

You can combine Shoulders and ABS with Arms or Back to make this a 4 day workout split.

Workout #1: Legs

Barbell squats or Dumbbell lunges: 8 sets (lower weight, higher reps)- only 60 second break between sets.

Leg Extensions: 3 sets, moderate weight, 10-15 reps

Leg Curls: 3 sets, moderate weight, 10-15 reps

Workout #2: Chest

Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press (partials)

A partial is not completing a full rep. The idea is to bring the bar down to your chest and only move it about 6 inches above your chest and back down. Keeps all tension on chest.

Base it off of my workout: 135 x 15, 155 x 12, 185 x 10, 205 x 6, 225 x 3, 185 x 8, 135 x 15

Pec Deck/Cable Crossovers/Machine Flies/Dumbbell flies: 3 sets of 15

 Workout #3: Arms

Cross Body Hammer Curls: 3 sets of 10.  Keep your elbows tucked to your side. Now lift the dumbbell and imagine trying to hit your opposite boob.


Preacher Curls/Machine Preacher Curls: 3 sets of 10

Wide Grip Barbell curls: Grab the barbell wider than you normally would. Do a curl.  3 sets of 10.

Dips: You can either do dips on a machine or on a bench. If you need additional weight, have your friend press on your shoulders. 4 sets

Triceps Rope Extensions: 4 sets of 10 reps. Keep elbows tucked to your side and bring down.

Skull crushers/Cable skull crushers: 4 sets of 10.

Workout #4: Back

Lat Pull downs: 5 sets of 8-12 reps.

Bent-over dumbbell rows: 3 sets of 10

Seated Cable Rows: 5 sets of 8-12 reps

Workout #5: Shoulders/Traps/Abs

Dumbbell Lateral Raises: 3 sets of 10-15

Dumbbell Frontal Raises: 3 sets of 10-15

Shoulder Press/Machine Press/Military Press: 5 sets of 10

Dumbbell or Barbell Shrugs: 6 sets of 15

Lumberjacks:  60 second sets with medicine ball, 3 sets.